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What should I do to get started with Swipelux?
What should I do to get started with Swipelux?
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To initiate your journey with Swipelux, please follow these steps✨:

  • Fill out the Form:

    • Visit Swipelux's signup form and complete the required information.

    • Submit the form to express your interest in integrating Swipelux into your platform.

  • Wait for Contact:

    • After submitting the form, Swipelux will contact you to provide guidance on the next steps, which include KYB (Know Your Business) and integration procedures.

  • Integration Options:

    • Swipelux offers flexibility in integration. You can choose to integrate their widget using either the API or SDK. Refer to the documentation provided here for detailed instructions.

  • KYB Validation:

    • Before launching the Swipelux widget on your website or platform, you will need to undergo KYB (Know Your Business) validation.

    • The KYB validation process typically takes no more than 5 business days.

  • ‼️ For any inquiries or assistance, reach out to the Swipelux team at

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