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What is Swipelux?
What is Swipelux?
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Swipelux is an onboarding infrastructure✨ for Web3 projects, encompassing a fiat-to-crypto payment gateway widget, Digital identity infrastructure, and wallet creation functionality.

It is a B2B-focused solution, possessing the capability to integrate its fast, secure, and flexible widget into various crypto exchanges, wallets, DeFi, and NFT marketplaces.

Present in over 120 countries worldwide🌏 for the OnRamp and Global for Digital identity verification, Swipelux is trusted by leading projects to facilitate payment acceptance and combat fraud on their behalf.

It is no secret that bringing Web2 users into the crypto space is challenging, involving considerations such as development, licenses, AML, KYC, and bank accounts. This is where Swipelux comes into play, managing all aspects seamlessly.

😏We assist highly innovative businesses in allowing their end-users to seamlessly access their platforms using payment cards. With Swipelux services, innovative projects can expand their reach to broader audiences, leading to increased user engagement and higher revenues.

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